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Welcome to the Wiki

Here you will find documentation for the tools distributed on

ViSUS Utilities

ViSUS provides several command line utilities, for example to compress or convert datasets from different file formats (i.e. image formats or raw arrays) to IDX. The supported formats are the ones supported by FreeImage.

Learn more about data conversion to IDX in ViSUS Convert.

You can find here the full list of ViSUS Utilities.

ViSUS Viewer

ViSUS viewer is the main tool for interactive visualization and analysis of large scale datasets.

Learn more about ViSUS Viewer.

ViSUS WebViewer

ViSUS WebViewer allows to visualize you large scale imagery data interactively on your browser.

Learn more about ViSUS WebViewer


ViSUSpy is a python framework that enables to use all the streaming, progressive, multiresolution capabilities of ViSUS Viewer through python.

Learn more about ViSUSpy.

ViSUS Server

ViSUS Server is the server component that handles the streaming of the data to multiple clients (e.g. like ViSUS Viewer). It is deployed as an Apache module with the ViSUS Docker Deployment.

Learn more about ViSUS Server.

ViSUS Docker Deployment

In the ViSUS Docker Deployment you can find ready to use:

  • ViSUS server installation
  • ViSUSpy installation

Learn more about ViSUS Docker Deployment.


ViSOAR is a visualization tool for large scale imagery.

Learn more about ViSOAR.


PIDX is an efficient parallel I/O library that reads and writes multiresolution IDX data files.

PIDX is open source and available on GitHub: PIDX

Learn more about PIDX.